The Client


The Project

AVJennings purchased a DA approved project, however the design was sub-optimal. Level Six managed a consultant team to prepare an s4.56 (as it was a court approved scheme) to improve the efficiency and saleability of the proposals.


This project entailed the provision of Development and Project Management services for acquisition due diligence and new concept proposals for a revised Development Application, including:

  • Complete assessment of the site and the concept proposals developed by the site vendor for DA (as the site was purchase subject to DA).
  • Appointment and management of a suitable due diligence team of consultants
  • Review and verification of apartment design fundamentals via key measurement metrics (NSA, GFA, GBA, efficiency ratios etc)
  • Review against planning controls such as DCP and Apartment Design Guideline criteria
  • Review of work by the vendor’s consultants to identify gaps/areas of risk
  • Review of incoming services, services authority requirements
  • Project risk register
  • Development of Project Brief for the revised design
  • Development and management of project program & budget
  • Establishment of communications plan with regular project and design team meetings
  • Procurement/appointment of consultant team, management of consultant budget and administration of agreements/invoices etc
  • Management of a revised concept that respected the key planning issues identified during the process of the original consent but improved the efficiency and constructability of the scheme and also made he apartment designs more attractive to prospective purchasers to create a saleable product
  • Preparation and management of Statutory and services Authority approvals
  • Risk and opportunities management
  • Input into client’s approval documentation content and process in line with overall project program
  • Engage a contractor via the Early Contractor
  • Involvement (ECI) process to provide overall buildability and cost advice during the design process
  • Review ECI cost advice against an independent QS cost plan review to ensure pricing was robust and within client’s project feasibility
  • This project/services agreement for Level Six has completed in April, however when the project continues through construction, AV Jennings will be further employing Level Six’s services at that time.