Global Citizenship

Instillation of ongoing curiosity and a positive ethos is the cornerstone of Level Six’s vision.

We strive never to accept complacency – rather, to constantly evolve in accordance with social and economic climates, the business and operational needs of their clients and partners and, just as importantly, the things that they believe in, are motivated by and value.

Today’s opportunities will not be tomorrow’s, so it’s important for our business, our clients and the broader community that we have the capacity and agility to be ever-changing.

A strong platform for our ethos is our focus on the fundamentals of global citizenship – whereby core social, political, economic and environmental factors are addressed on different levels and through a broad lens – and how this relates to our work and network.

Philosopher and sociologist Howard Gardner published Five Minds for the Future, in which he draws on his cognitive research and stresses key needs for global citizenship. These needs are defined below and are incredibly relevant in the work we do, as well as the relationships we build and facilitate.

These needs inform Level Six’s corporate pillars:

  • A Disciplined Mind, for life-long learning
  • Synthesised Mind, to critically select and integrate relevant information
  • Creative Mind, to develop new products and new approaches to problem-solving
  • Respectful Mind, to appreciate diversity; and
  • An Ethical Mindto ensure integrity and justice.